Unity 4 is an all male Southern Gospel quartet from Iuka, Mississippi.  Unity 4 is known for their rich four part harmonies and their classic song selection.  Unity 4 sings the old quartet classics, the old time way.  Each member of the group has been blessed with an ear for harmony and can sing most any part.  The guys' goal is to lead others to Christ through the use of the best music on the planet, southern gospel!  The group is made up of Jacky Feazell of Corinth, MS at tenor, Casey Johnson of Iuka, MS at lead, J.C. Johnson of Iuka, MS at baritone and Mark McLain of New Market, AL at bass.

If you would like to book Unity 4 for your next special event you can contact them at info@theunityfour.com or by calling J.C. at (662) 279-3582.  Unity 4 does not have a rate that is required before they will come and sing.  Unity 4 goes based on love offerings.  Unity 4 would like to thank all of their supporters over the years.  They could not continue to sing if not for all of your encouragement and your help along the way.  For more info on each one of the guys, you can click on their name under the "About Us" menu.