Beginning in his first quartet at age 14, Heath is no stranger to southern gospel music. As a matter of fact, you’d have to go back earlier than that to find his beginning. “I started singing with my dad. We would do revivals and church services. He would play the guitar and I’d have to stand on the communion table in order to be tall enough for people to see me.” N-2-Jesus out of Booneville was the first group Heath sang tenor for. During that time, he was a regular student of the Stamps-Baxter School of Music.


After N-2 Jesus disbanded, Heath joined Southern Image Quartet out Tupelo, Mississippi. “I traveled the roads with Buddy and his crew for a good five or six years, and they taught me a lot about booking and quartet management.” In 2007, Heath moved to Nashville and began singing semi-full time with Ben Harris and Southern Sound. “It was during my stint with them that I started really developing myself as a serious singer. Ben was a stickler for perfection vocally, and always pushed his group members to promote not only professionalism, but Christ-like traits on and off stage. Ben still remains a great friend and sounding board to this day.” Heath also joined a group his father had been a member of when Heath was just a child, The Servants Quartet out of Ripley, MS. The group was very popular, and kept a busy schedule. “David Grant and all the crew from The Servants were, and are, family.”

Fast forward to 2016-2017, Heath traveled full time with Allegiance Trio out of Nashville. “Allegiance provided a very unique experience for me. First of all, I’d always been a quartet man, so a trio was a learning experience. Secondly, their music was very progressive. We toured some with The Perrys, T. Graham Brown, and saw some fantastic places.” The group eventually disbanded and Heath spent the next couple of years filling in for different groups and working as guest vocals in studio. “I was actually considering returning to performing regularly and I heard Unity 4 was looking for a tenor vocalist to fill the spot vacated by Jacky Feazell.” Heath wasted no time calling and expressing his interest. “Jacky and my dad were in The Ministry Quartet out of Booneville when I was a child, I have always thought the world of Jack, and in turn, Unity 4.” Heath auditioned in January for the first time at Magnolia Chapel Event Center in Humboldt, TN. “It just felt good,” says Heath. “I have always respected J.C. and Casey as people, and the group for their innovative harmonies and take on performing." After a second audition concert in Booneville, Mississippi, Heath was offered the position and accepted. He celebrated his first year with the quartet in February of 2021. Heath is married to Amanda, and they have three children, Noah, Stetson, and Presley. The family attends First Baptist Church of Booneville.


Heath's official first date was May 5, 2020.