J.C. Johnson - Baritone

J.C. is the original bass singer/manager for Unity 4.  J.C. began singing bass when he was 18 years old.  In May of 2017, J.C. moved from bass to baritone.  J.C. has always loved the baritone position and some of his heroes are Mark Trammell, Doy Ott, Ed Hill, Randall Crawford, Clayton Inman, Smitty Gatlin and Donnie Sumner.  J.C. has a wife of 14 years, Bridget, and two children, Kaylee Anne (13) and Cal (10).  They make their home in Iuka, Mississippi!  Come by after a concert and talk to J.C.  If you would like to contact J.C. directly, email him at jcjohnsonjr@theunityfour.com.