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Unity 4 Quartet

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Unity 4 Quartet Biography

   Located in the most Northeastern corner of Mississippi, you will find Iuka. Iuka is located in Tishomingo County. The population of the town is 2,964. There has been one traffic light in the entire County for decades. In 2022, Iuka had two more traffic lights installed. Tishomingo County is home to two of the most beautiful state parks, J.P. Coleman State Park and Tishomingo State Park. Iuka has the only Walmart in the County and the highest point in Mississippi, Woodall Mountain, at 807 feet. There are many locally owned shops, boutiques, restaurants, and some of the kindest people in the country.     

  Iuka has a rich musical heritage. Many musicians, singers, bands, and quartets have come out of this small, quiet town. One of those quartets is the all-male quartet, Unity 4.  

   In 2005, in a small country church, Unity Baptist Church, on the outskirts of Iuka, two brothers, Casey and J.C. Johnson, had a dream. They wanted to sing in a quartet. They had been listening to the greats such as Kingdom Heirs, Dove Brothers, Statesmen, Cathedrals, and many more. They knew that was the style of music they wanted to sing. They were joined by their long-time friend Chuck Clark and their cousin, Eric Johnson, to form the first lineup of Unity 4 Quartet. Unity 4 started singing at festivals and benefits and homecoming concerts n their hometown, but demand grew for them to travel further. They began traveling to Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. They went wherever God allowed them to present the Gospel of Christ in song.

   Unity 4 has sung many styles over the years, but in the last decade, they have focused on preserving a dying breed of gospel music...traditional all-male four-part harmony. They have become known for their rich harmonies and classic song selection. They began not only to sing songs of years past but began writing their own material while holding true to the standards of the past quartets and their arrangements. Examples of songs written by members of the group (and/or their family members) are "Quartet Singin'," "Cast Your Cares," "Meet Him In The Air," "Back To The Well," "He Never Gave Up On Me," "My New Neighborhood," "The Only Book," "The Lord Is Everything," "I Have A Happy Feeling," "No Wonder," and "The Ransom."

   Unity 4 travels the Southeastern United States currently, but the guys are willing and ready to expand their outreach! They are ready and willing to go wherever God opens the next door. You can find copies of their last projects, including their latest release, "Classic Quartet Singin' with Unity 4", in the website's Music section. You can also stream Unity 4's music on hundreds of streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Napster, etc. Be sure to visit Unity 4's   Merchandise page to pick up some brand new authentic Unity 4 merchandise!


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